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FloSports and LevelChanger Announce Partnership, Jointly Developed App For Scoring Wrestling Bouts

Takedown for FloArena will allow scorekeepers and event officials to directly upload live updates

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (July 27, 2016)  –  LevelChanger, developer of mobile apps for scoring scholastic wrestling events, today announced a partnership with FloSports, a sports media company that facilitates wrestling meet management through its best-in-class FloArena software. 

The agreement, effective immediately, was announced at the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) Convention in Fort Lauderdale. Their jointly developed app, Takedown for FloArena, will be demonstrated in the FloWrestling display at the vendor exhibit July 29-30. 

The new app is scheduled to launch this fall and will be available for download from the the iTunes App Store and requires an iPad with iOS 9 or higher. 

Takedown for FloArena will employ the same scoring interface as LevelChanger’s core app, Takedown Scoring and Stats, which has been used by more than 500 scholastic wrestling programs to score more than 100,000 matches.  This touch-based interface has a proven track record of stability, ease-of-use and high performance,  which derives from its implementation as a native iOS application.

Takedown for FloArena is fully integrated and compatible with the FloArena server program, allowing mat-side scorers to select mats and bouts, score folkstyle high school and college matches, post the results to FloArena, and autonomously run a mat-side scoreboard on any digital monitor.  This integration was not available before the collaboration of FloWrestling and LevelChanger. 

“This new app provides unprecedented flexibility for coaches, scorekeepers and meet managers.” FloSports Vice President of Software & Broadcast Production Adam Fenn said. “Ultimately , this kind of collaboration between software companies drives , innovation, which is so desperately needed within wrestling.” 

Takedown for FloArena, which runs on an iPad, along with FloWrestling’s LiveScorer browser-based system, offers wrestling tournament managers ultimate flexibility in configuring mat-side scoring installations. Tournament managers can now use any combination of iPads, running Takedown for FloArena, or personal computers running LiveScorer, for mat-side scoring and scoreboarding.

“We’re excited to collaborate with FloSports on this development,” said Jack Moses, partner at LevelChanger.  “At last, tournament administrators have a viable option for mat-side scoring using a mobile device.”

LevelChanger™, founded in 2011, develops mobile applications for the scholastic wrestling community, including coaches, managers, statisticians, scorekeepers and fans.  Takedown Scoring and Stats is the market leading app for scoring scholastic and collegiate wrestling matches.


FloSports is a direct-to-consumer, subscription-based sports media company based in Austin, Texas, that is unlocking a world of sports coverage that true fans have been waiting for. Through live streaming of premier events, original video programming, and weekly studio shows, FloSports is growing the sports, the athletes and the fans. Current verticals under the FloSports header are Wrestling, Grappling, MMA, Elite Fitness, Boxing, Softball, Gymnastics, Basketball, Volleyball, eSports, Cheerleading and Track. 

FloArena is the most complete and turnkey event management software in the market, allowing wrestling tournament and dual meet organizers to offer real-time scoring updates across multiple mats simultaneously.


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